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Christine and James

10-08-2018 - Umbria - Italy

We love it. Just perfect.

Thanks Denis.
Our wedding video and trailer are absolutely amazing. You have done a fantastic job. We love it. Just perfect.
Thank you again.
You have made our Saint Valentines Day with your beautiful film!

Alvin and Nicole

07-06-2016 - Florence - Italy

Absolutely wonderful wedding video!

Dear Denis, Al and I received your wedding video package a few days ago, and we were able to watch the films last night. They are absolutely wonderful! The long film is particularly special, and it truly captured the magical day for us. Your artistry and your engaging personality really made our wedding very memorable, and we are so appreciative of your dedication to producing such a beautiful chronicle of our wedding day. Denis, the trailer is beautiful! Al and I both were so pleased to watch it, and have shown it to our family. Thank you for your artistry that made this such a lovely gift!

Ruth and Maurizio

21-12-2015 - Cortina d'Ampezzo - Italy

Trust me- this man knows what he's doing

We were not keen to get a video done for our wedding. But glad we changed our minds. Denis managed to give us the best of dolomites. We loved the wedding video and so did everyone who watched it. It flows with emotions and we couldn't have asked for more. His job is truly from the heart. And we loved that about him. I hope to bring him over to India to do our second video in Mumbai. I totally recommend him to capture your true moments. We had not discussed on how we would like the video, but trust me- this man knows what he's doing so. Instead we enjoyed our day and left everything in his hands. Million thank you Denis and Valentina you guys did a beautiful job. Thank you all the way from India (shukriya) and Italy (grazie mille) Ruth & Maurizio

Megan and Neil

24-10-2015 - Rome - Italy

Worth every penny!

We got our video package in the mail yesterday. We just watched it and it is absolutely amazing! It was so great to be able to re-live the memories. Worth every penny! Thanks for your help in getting it to us! Megan

Rupa and Sandip

30-08-2015 - Tuscany - Italy

They are amazing!

We just seen the wedding videos and you are right, they are amazing! They made Rupa cry! :) Do give a big thank you from Denis de Luca from both of us as the editing is so good! :) Finally, we would be more than happy to highly recommend Denis to future clients if required. Warm warm regards, Sandip.

Laura and John

16-07-2015 - Tuscany - Italy

It's Amazing !!!!!

It's Amazing !!!!! Just got it and have watched it and cried like ten times . Have sent it to Mums & Bridemaids and just about to put it on Facebook. It really it amazing Denis, thank you so so much. John loves it too and I even think he had a wee cry lol even his brother was crying whilst mixing cement in London. You are great at your job and made the whole think look fantastic ! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT !

Lorraine and Duncan

13-06-2015 - Picinisco - Italy

Oh Denis is it fantastic!

We have watched our wedding video . Oh Denis is it fantastic ! We love it! you captured some great moments! Thank you thank you thank you! Don't know how you managed to capture so many parts of the day! Just so good!

Shawn and Alina

21-06-2015 - Tuscany - Italy

This was so wonderful to see.

This was so wonderful to see. I have viewed it from my phone and can't wait to see on my big screen tomorrow. Denis did an amazing job of truly capturing the moment. I am so glad that we chose Denis. He and his partner were so wonderful during our special day and it really shows in this trailer. They made us feel so comfortable and what they create is really a work of art. Thank you so much! Alina

Alex and Cristina

17-05-2015 - Sicily - Italy

Perfect Destination Wedding Videographer

Hi Denis, Thank you so much for your gorgeous Destination Wedding Videography. We’ve been going over them for several days! Obsessed with the way you captured the castle ceremony. You were incredible on the day, we couldn’t have asked for a better Destination Wedding Videographer and we really appreciated your patience, unbounding energy and creative ideas. Many friends have commented on your passion and professionalism and I beleive my sister will contact you about her wedding in 2016. Alex

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